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The justice system is a corrupt conviction machine and it is rotten to the core. The reason why there are millions of innocent people in prison in the United State is that every year prosecutors willfully and knowingly charge innocent people with crimes they did not commit. Most people don’t know their rights and if you don’t know your rights, you have none.


The charges that are launched against innocent people are typically based on false accusations and completely fabricated evidence that are created out of thin air.  This insidious practice is by design, not by accident.


They make biased opinions on the lives of innocent men and women and build a defense based on their opinion, not on the facts or the truth for the matter. In fact, the truth is irrelevant to them. The only thing that matters is to win a conviction in the churn and burn conviction machine that is the United States Justice System.


I wrote Clear Her Name to share my personal experience about all the things I learned from legal research.  To my sheer surprise and delight, I received many amazing 5-Stars reviews.  Here’s my first viral video with 1M views!


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My goal is to prevent other families from going through the pain I suffered.  After reading Clear Her Name, you will understand how this it could change the course of American history and the justice system in the United States for the number one spot.

I have cracked the code for ordinary women and men to know their rights. You will be able to navigate the legal system and more importantly, you will no longer be defenseless or be at the mercy of the players running a rigged system.  It is an informative textbook to help laypeople, like myself, to fight within the system and win.


The most common misconception I feel people have about the legal system is that most people believe that learning how to make the law work for them is difficult, but this is far from the truth. It is actually easier than we were led to believe. I learned this the hard way, but my book will awaken people about this truth.




The one piece of advice I wish someone had given me when this all started is that silence helps the oppressors, never the oppressed. This is why I encourage people to keep sharing their stories, speak up and speak out for the voiceless people who couldn’t speak out. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, but it will certainly be worth it.


The proceeds from the book will be used to make the Clear Her Name film and more film projects showcasing women and men who were wrongfully convicted.


When you buy this memoir, you are also supporting the end of injustice in one generation because the proceeds will go toward social films and contribute to other social organizations.

Here’s the link to purchase a copy of Clear Her Name ‘mini-textbook’




If you wish to further your legal studies on your journey to becoming a legal gladiator for civil rights, and you are ready to apply your new legal knowledge, then I highly recommend the following additional books.


Clear Her Name Companion Workkbook

Clear Her Name Companion Workbook by Anne Smith

The companion workbook grants you immediate access to practical tips, tools, and templates that’s perfect for the self-aware layman with the desire to launch a career as a civil rights advocate. The contents inside is equivalent to four years of law school that can save you from 10,000 of legal research and $25,000 in legal fees.  Click the book cover or the book title to purchase it on the  website.







The Art of the Loophole by Nick Freeman

What I learned from this book will continue to haunt my mind, but in a good way because the author shared the thought process to winning any case is all about playing offense, not a defense. Instead of defending yourself, which is what most people would do, the author explains the truth of the matter is you simply need to expose the opposing counsel’s errors, and most of the time there are blatant errors in excess of 100 per case because they count on your ignorance of the law to get away with their violations. Click the book cover or the book title to purchase it on Amazon.





It’s Not About the Truth by Don Yaeger with Mike Pressler

This book is reminiscent of my daughter’s case, but in this case, the victims of the mob rule were four young white men who came from wealthy families. The prestigious school named Duke University was the center of attention. This case is an eery reminder that anyone from any background can become easy prey to the mob mentality during a legal witchhunt to cast aspersions on the victim’s good name. Click the book cover or the book title to purchase it on Amazon.






Reckless!: How Debt, Deregulation, and Dark Money Nearly Bankrupted America (And How We Can Fix It!) By Senator Byron Dorgan

Senator Dorgan voted against bank deregulation, exposes government corruption, greed and calls out corporate power brokers and public officials who sold us out to Big Oil, Big Media and Big Pharma.  Click the book cover or the book title to purchase it on Amazon.




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