February 19

How I went from 550 to 758 credit scores (after three credit repair scams)!

This is a screenshot of my TransUnion score in the Credit Karma mobile app…


My hard work paid off and now I’m sharing the research with you to shorten the learning curve for faster results without becoming a credit repair scam victim.


In a nutshell, I ended up conducting my own research after being ripped off by scammers and liars disappeared after payment. Here’s my exact blueprint on how my credit score climbed to 758 in a period of 14 days to 90 days.


No two ways about it, being scammed out of my hard-earned money sucks big time. Three times so I must be a glutton for punishment. Well, that’s when I decided to dive into the research myself — and it paid off in a big way because my scores increased by 78 points within 30 days and they kept climbing from there.


Here’s what others had to say about my credit repair blueprint…


I’ve been in the credit repair industry for 5 years and I’ve never seen a more thorough plan to improve credit scores.

— Bernardo L.


I purchased more credit repair material than I care to admit for many years and none of the other material comes even close to your credit secrets blueprint. This is easily worth $10,000 alone.

— Adam W.


“I literally woke up wanting a change. I would constantly check my kredit karma app getting more stressed. I am an essential worker and have worked throughout this whole pandemic. We also gotten a couple stimulus checks and I said ok I have some funds let’s make changes.

I took my funds (what I have) and followed The Personal Credit Secrets by Anne Smith.

I literally followed her plan I went through all her recommendations to add good credit. It has only been about 3 weeks I opened 3 accounts and saw 45+point boost. Yup with the bad stuff still on there and the score keeps going up. This week the 3rd week on my little journey I just opened my two secured credit cards. So I expect another boost soon. As I begin to tackle and remove my negatives all my letters are typed up and ready to go. But trust the process people. It works.” ??

— Candi T.


“Your credit repair blueprint will seriously change the game by impacting lives forever. The bottom line is anyone fortunate enough to get access will have excellent credit.” — Anthony D.



Personal Credit Secrets


When you’re ready to improve your credit scores, you can enroll in Personal Credit Secrets by visiting the following link: http://pcs.annesmithofficial.com


Hi, I’m Anne Smith

I’m a mother-turned activist who simplifies the complex world of law. My mission is to share knowledge and freedom through peaceful, non-violent methodologies to empower people. I want to accelerate your path to freedom and prosperity, one course at a time.


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