November 15

Child Support Class Action


Who: Claimants who were harmed by the Child Support Agencies in the United States of America


Why: Claimants were subjected to inhumane treatment during their child support orders including deprivation of rights and violations, against millions of people, not limited to:

wrongful deaths by a warrant

wrongful deaths by suicide

wrongful deaths by homicide

defamation of character

privacy law

due process law

child safety law

equal protection laws

parental alienation

mental distress

public endangerment by police enforcement

rampart corruption

criminal offenses by officials


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Where: The class-action lawsuit will be filed in Maryland federal court for the initially estimated damages of $672B ($32B x 21 years)

According to the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE), states collected approximately $32 billion on behalf of the 14.7 million children served by child support enforcement programs across the country during FY 2018.




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Potential Settlement: To Be Determined


Assemble a Team:  vetted legal researchers,  constitutional lawyers who will be thoroughly vetted and approved after they sign a co-counsel agreement granting paramount position and priority loyalty to ALL claimants above ALL State courts.

Conduct Investigations: the team will investigate each state, each child support agency, each violation

Create the Body of Evidence:  the reports from the investigations will provide proof that child support is doing more harm than good and it is an abject failure to the American people and families

Submit Legal Briefs to the Court

Get Court Approval

Set up a new website to share information, updates, and a portal for plaintiffs to submit a claim on http:/

Expose child support cruelty and genocide to non-custodial parents

Shut down child support for good

Send 100% of the equally divided damages among ALL claimants



Submit legal briefs to the United Nations for Crimes Against Humanity

Submit legal briefs to the United States Congress (Redress for Remonstrance)

Submit legal briefs to court on an individual basis (Amicus Curae)

Submit legal briefs to court in the interest of justice  (Amicus Curae)




It is going to take a village and a tremendous amount of financial resources to make this dream a reality.  It is time to shut down the child support enforcement program and this class action aims to make it happen.

Most class action claimants receive a small portion of the settlement after the legal team pays themselves a king’s ransom. This is the standard operating procedure for the legal industry. As a legal advocate, I find their modus operandi as immoral and disgusting and I refuse to operate in that manner.

As a legal advocate, I believe the claimants deserve 100% of the settlement. Therefore, the legal team for the child support class action will be paid directly by the book proceeds from my book. I will provide the link below.


If you want to support the child support class action lawsuit and want to see it succeed then the only contribution I ask is for you to purchase a copy of my book for yourself. If you’re able, buy a copy to send to a brother or sister who is incarcerated for non-payment of child support.  Your small investment can lead to big change when the child support class action is empowered to move forward with the lawsuit.


Everything I do has to be a win-win for all parties involved so when you purchase a copy of my book, it  will achieve two things;

(1) Empower the child support class action team to make this dream a reality

(2) Empower you with the knowledge to protect yourself and your loved ones


ALL proceeds from the book will provide wages for the class action team because I want 100% of the settlement award to go to ALL claimants.

Bottom line, the class action lawsuit will be an expensive lawsuit due to the anticipated pushback from the various state agency representatives who operate through violence, fear tactics, threats and lies. 

I have to pay the class action team while they provide their services.  Therefore, the child support class action work will begin when 1 Million copies of my book is sold.

Remember ‘the workman is worthy of his hire’. I believe they deserve to be paid what they’re worth.

If everyone who knew someone who was harmed by the child enforcement program purchased one copy of this book, the child support class action team would be funded in less than one hour. If you don’t agree, kindly go somewhere else and leave me in peace.”



Here’s the video about the child support class action on Tik Tok

I’ve done my part.

The rest is up to you.

Here’s the link to purchase a copy of my ‘mini-textbook Clear Her Name’


Please spread the news all over social media that justice is coming.

Use #childsupportclassaction as much as possible.





41  out of 1,000,000




The system is rigged. And even though I know how to beat the monsters, they don’t fight fair and they don’t give up easily. Child Support Enforcement uses their relationship with law enforcement to vilify good people. They have weaponized legal processes to slander, dehumanize, and jail innocent people They’re not going to stop until their sadistic practices are exposed in this class action. It’s not going to be easy to stop an evil agenda already in progress. In fact, it’s going to be one hell of a battle for us to beat them at their own game. This means it is going to take an entire village of people who want justice.

That’s why impact matters. Unity is the answer because there’s strength in numbers. Together we can do what we can never do alone. By helping me to build a large platform on social media it will help us to lift the veil of secrecy, help us endure the journey, and win this battle.

If you help me to reach 100K followers on Tik Tok, I will select ONE follower for a free child support consultation. My selection will be random on the day we achieve 100K Followers so keep sharing my videos and encourage people to follow me.

I wish that I could help everyone for free but it’s simply not possible. Why? Because (1) every case is different and requires time-consuming legal research that can last for weeks or months. (2) No one can sustain working for free. No one.  So this is my way of giving back in a sustainable way.



28,0000 out of 100,000


Here’s the video where I describe how long it takes to close a child support case… to follow me, simply click on “Watch Now”  then click on the red plus sign when you’re watching the video on the Tik Tok platform.


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I appreciate your patience and thank you for your support on this important issue,



P.S.  Learn how to close your child support case by signing up for my course: Shocking Child Support Secrets. It’s FREE!

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Hi, I’m Anne Smith. I’m a mother-turned legal advocate. I simplify the complex world of laws because knowledge is power when you know what to do. I supply the knowledge and you supply the application and together we can do what we can never do alone. When you learn how to make the law work for yourself, no one can ever take away that knowledge.

My mission is to share what I learned to empower you. It is a labor of love. What I learn, I teach through high-quality educational courses which take financial resources to serve the community. Although most people don’t work for free they expect (and sometimes demand) something for nothing. After providing free products and services for four years, I can no longer sustain that practice.  Cheers to your freedom and prosperity, one course at a time.

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  1. I have always paid my child support and if I didn’t have a mother I would have been in the streets homeless they’ve always taken all my money and never disbursed it to my sons mothers and they never let me see my sons or where they lived or went to school. I have no relationship with them because they believed I was a dead beat. I want to see them I couldn’t the mothers say they never received a dime.

    1. No story is can compare to mine. My sons mom was a child support officer in the Bay Area. The district attorney during my case invited me to thanksgiving dinner. Needless to say I had no choice but to give up. Til he turned 18. There is more to the story . I owe over 100 grand 50% of that is interest. I will never be able to pay this.

  2. Im on board with the class action law suit against child support. Thank you for the hard work and dedication to your art. God is good.

  3. I've been so lost ànd alienated by the child support division in Indianapolis Indiana. I use to go to court knowing I was going to jail each time. I was young didn't know nothing besides what they made me out to be. My life is a little better my kids are grown but two but I pay no support for my youngest but still to this day I pay back support. The mental anguish child support has put on me, i have no relationship with my kids because of everytime I went to court I was locked up couldn't make it to a graduation, baseball game, a birthday or just because they needed me I wasn't there😞. I went to prison in 1997 worked inside prison got paid 13 dollars a month but child support never took that or better yet they still had things adding up on me the hole 4in a half years I was inside. I get out they issue a warrent and brought me before the judge to see when I will start paying. I told the judge while locked up I received my GED and a trade in automotives and I needed time to get acclimated back out here and find a job. Well let's say no one wanted to hire a felon and I came back to court and watched a women that owes 40,000 in back support walk out the doors but when I got up and stood before the judge and told the judge I didn't find a job but I worked small jobs to meet my obligations I was asked to meet before showing up for that court that day. I turned out to be $14 dollars short of my obligation and they once again sent me to jail with a 1,000 dollar purge bond once again. I live by myself now my kids don't visit or bring the grandkids to see me all because of what they seen me go thru and me not being there has left a scar. I'm so interested in this child support class action. If I can just help one father that truly is a father not have to go thru the mentally and physical torment I went thru at least I know I helped.

    1. Thank you for sharing your story. It must have been difficult for you to share so I really appreciate it. You and people like you are the reason I am here fighting corruption. The famous quote by MLK ‘Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere’ still resonates. I aim to shine a light on injustice and help the people who are harmed to get the justice they deserve, like you.

  4. I had proof that I didn't make the money that was put into my divorce decree. They still wouldn't accept the correct paperwork. They refuse to let me see my children. They took away my C.D.L. and regular license. I couldn't make a living as I was a professional truck driver. I was subject to degrading jail time. I had a attorney working on my case, but he passed away. In his history of practicing law he said he never has heard of a case like mine. They totally destroyed my relationship with my children. It's a program in the state of Georgia called the Father Hood program that they forced me to participate in as a test subject, and totally embarrassed me everytime I went to court. I use to beg them to let me see my children. My ex wife and I had shared custody, but the courts would never uphold that part. Goddess I need your help. Please reply to me. Thank you for your time. Yilmaz Heath

  5. Thank you for being a voice and a force in this bullshit system. I had my kids in 1994 an never not went to court. But in 1995 my Driver License was suspended. So I had to drive for work even when I got pulled over an went to jail. I just got my DL's back in 2012. You want me to work to pay child support but I can't drive legally to support my kids!!!!

  6. How can I join this class action? Brief story been locked up for child support for years quit many jobs due to me working for child support they were getting a bigger cut then me became disabled and they started taking it out my disability as i am typing this out I just finished paying of 60k in back support..crazy because my kids are 30 and 28

  7. My kids are grown and didn't live with their mom she went and got child support they say I owe back pay we never had a group discussion but was all thru upon me .

  8. I've been paying my child support for years I don't see my child at all. I don't know where she lives and I'm still paying. My ex just got married and living her life she can go out the country and I can't even out of the country.
    And I can't even get a good government career because my child support keep coming up everytime I apply.
    I can't even get married because they'll come after my wife for child support it's ridiculous.

  9. Im glad to see something like this my situation I'm in is that my pay check being garnished by dss for so called child support my kids mother never filed but dss did on their behalf saying I owe for services they received while on welfare it never felt right to me that I have to reimburse them for services but they don't I say they is a total of 3 similar cases there kids now or mother's don't receive a cent of the garnished wages goes directly to the state

  10. I support you 100% the IV-D does nothing but destroy lives and alienate men from their children. Yet at the same time acting like they are in it for the best interest for the child? How can u care about the child’s best interest when you lock up parents and destroy them financially and send threats through the mail such hypocrisy. This system has to be destroyed.

  11. I sometimes overpaid my child support and they never credited my extra monies towards my balance . I was harassed by the agents after I told them I was up to date on all my payments and they didn’t believe me and they constantly tried to get me to send more money . Plus I think it’s unfair that they allow a third party company charge you a fee to pay your child support as if their doing you a favor . I once didn’t have enough money in my account to pay the fee after I tried to pay my child support payment and they didn’t accept my payment .

    1. Thank you for sharing your story. The work will begin on the child support class action when 1 million copies of my book are sold. The proceeds from the book will fund the class action team which will make it possible to distribute 100% of the settlement award to ALL claimants! Justice is coming. Please help spread the word!

    1. I will provide updates on this blog post. The work will begin on the child support class action when 1 million copies of my book are sold. The proceeds from the book will fund the class action team which will make it possible to distribute 100% of the settlement award to ALL claimants! Justice is coming. Please help spread the word!

  12. I am definitely on board with suit i have been without a lot if my basic privileges to be able to propely take care of myself I need help

  13. My two girls Will not call me dad due to parental alienation! “Mommy got us a new daddy” it is legally documented they said it! Child support doesn’t go to my girls it’s spent by mother. I have to buy clothes for my girls!

    1. Thank you for sharing your story. The work will begin on the child support class action when 1 million copies of my book are sold. The proceeds from the book will fund the class action team which will make it possible to distribute 100% of the settlement award to ALL claimants! Justice is coming. Please help spread the word!

    1. The work will begin when 1 million copies of my book are sold. The proceeds from the book will fund the class action team which will make it possible to distribute 100% of the settlement award to ALL claimaints! Justice is coming. Spread the word!

  14. The judge put me in jaii for 2days, the reason on the paperwork stated “misbehaving” I walked in and stated I was making a special appearance and judge looked up and yelled sit down while I was putting my paperwork on the desk and I asked him who he was talking to he said it again and I asked who gave him authority over me then he ordered the bailiff to take me into custody

    1. The judge is an azz and I’m sorry that happened to you. The entire system needs a reboot. Thank you for sharing your story. The work will begin on the child support class action when 1 million copies of my book are sold. The proceeds from the book will fund the class action team which will make it possible to distribute 100% of the settlement award to ALL claimants! Justice is coming. Please help spread the word!

  15. I paid my support after I divorced. I fell behind once and they didn’t give me an opportunity to get it handled. Went to court and they just found me guilty and locked me up. I was sentenced to 6 months. I lost everything. I got out and I had nothing yet my support was still running. Tried to go back for a re-evaluation and the judge said that I had the ability to make the money I used to and denied me. I have been to jail 4 times over support and now I have my license suspended because of the arrearages. My kids are 22 and 24 and i can’t even work a decent job because I have no way to work.

  16. Hello Ms Anne, my name is Mr. Rodney Wells, and I desperately need your help, my children are grown and I'm struggling to still pay what I feel like is unnecessary back child support, because my daughter's are grown now and on there own, I live in the state of Texas, so ma'am could you please assist me in this oppressive tumultuous situation, Thanks in advance

  17. My wages were garnished, I was threatened with being put in jail, there were some weeks that I got a little over fifty dollars out of an over four hundred dollar pay check. I asked the judge how am I supposed to live he said I don't care as long as you are paying your support order. I was off work for 3 weeks because I broke my back and I got threatened in court to be thrown in jail for nonpayment if I wasn't back to work with in 2 weeks so I never got to heal properly.

  18. Please if you can help me I would greatly appreciate it I am a veteran and could really use your help being guided through this process.

  19. I have always tried to keep a job to help my kids but always sometimes never played fair this game they are playing with people lives is a very serious matter that needs to be addressed I hope that now that there is somebody will to help the father's that have been abused from this system can now be a little at ease knowing that now there's going to be a little justice handed out on behalf of the forgotten father's

  20. Ok say if this goes, and I understand you need resources but at this moment you can file a class action without funds, if you have knowledge to support your theory or facts you obtain shouldn’t be a problem. I’m one of many of those person you speaking about but I just don’t know why wait, because in court all you doing filing a brief complaint and that’s you’ll have enough time to file evidence I’m just quite believe that anyone benefiting off it if it hasn’t been file like I can be at your free service because lawyers will not touch this subject so if you trying to get there help it’s a waste of time for everyone.

  21. I would love to join your fight and spread your knowledge I'm currently living in Atlanta ga. I would love to become a partner with you. Whether its aiding and assisting personally for the community or economically with sales or marketing this is a big deal and it takes a team. This thing will get ugly let me help you …

  22. Im am a 50 year old man who ALWAYS paid above and beyond the required amount. My 2 children are 22 and 21. I now have the state of Wisconsin telling me the failed th process X amount of payments back 10/12 years ago and arrears have attached and i owe over 30,000 dollars. 10 YEARS LATER….. You can never get out. Even doing it right…..

  23. I have no problem supporting my children regardless of how old they'll ever be. My problems were with the alienation I suffered throughout. I am now a mere figment in his memories if at all. I was told there was nothing I could do to see him even with a court order and paying support. It's been years since I've seen him.

  24. Childsupport has not helped anyone and never will these people are thieves and the courts are the ones that are crooked as they go along clearly its all about banking and from my understanding is that fraud in banking should punishable severely since they are doing bank fraud taking out loans. The agency of childsupport needs to go out of business in every state so that the offspring can be raised properly. They need to do something becuase the more and more they dont youll find more and more people taking matters into their own hands because the system has already fallen and those responsible will eventually find themselves with uneventful karma as they have to face the flames of justice in this life or the next im telling you. Keep doing your thing Anne Smith do not stop shed the light on those roaches.

  25. I've been put on child support for two kids that I never even met or did a blood test for I've been looked up for years, it's not far too me being stressed out not having enoy money even with a job to even pay rent… The struggle is real barley eating how can I get too the bottom of this an get things straightened out?

  26. My daughter live in WI with her mom, the state of IL comes after me for Child support even though I pay to the state of WI.

  27. I was put on child support while I was in prison for 5 years. And came out in debt over 50,000 its all paid now but I have been too jail two time because I was in the rear. My son is 19 years old and I still pay child support for him. My second child mother put me on child support while I was living in the house paying all the bills.

  28. I had my kids taken away from me many years ago while I was a resident in Fayetteville, N.C. I was told my kids would be returned to me if I caught up on my mortgage, cleaned my home thoroughly, and didn't have any drugs in my system. I wasn't afforded an attorney. The CPS whoever was acting as my attorney against my wishes, and did not stand up for me. My 5 kids was given to my cousin, and i didn't see 2 of them until they were adults. I haven't seem 3 of them since. I'm still paying support to my cousin even though she abandoned one of my 3 girls In Florida, and left her in a foster home when she was 15, while my cousin took the other kids to Tennessee. My daughter she abandoned was in foster care until she was 18. I've been paying support for more than 5 years, while not being able to talk to the kids. I'm still paying. It's not fair how she manipulated the system.

  29. Where do i sign??? I want to be a part of this. I never missed a payment and have been wrongfully over charged for years, because the state of Florida ignored the outlines of there own laws for qualifying amounts and never fact check the financials of the guardian parent; is also guilty of depriving my relationship with my kids.

  30. My daughter's father had a child support order placed on him by the New York state, he and I were in agreement on the amount, I was not trying to run him in the ground we don't fight we are friends, He has told me numerous times He has paid but I never received a dime we have been displaced a couple of time and needed money to feed her but yet nothing and now she is 23.

  31. My names Reynolds Colon since I’ve been on child support they’ve constantly harassed me by stopping me from establishing credit I’ve had to buy every single thing I’ve ever owned by cash. I’ve been homeless I’ve had no food in my house to eat because I was sick and I couldn’t work and when I had my temporary Disability they took 65% I owed Rent car insurance and bills other then child support and they took the most amount after I went to court to have them garnish the minimum amount until I was able to pay

  32. I am paying child support to a child that we have no DNA test for and the mother forged my name on the birth certific

  33. I owe over 150k and I have two children I never got to see growing up. They are 16 now and I still get garnished every time I get a job and they took 20k from my car accident that I still hav not and will never fully recover from.

  34. Im just wondering can I get a refund from all the years that IV paid child support cause iv been rob by the system it had made me homeless only had just enoght for gas & lunch for work lost alot of weight cause lack of money living on my car it was all bad for me I was homeless for over 10 years I didnt know what else to do

  35. I put my kids father on child support. I had to go to the child support office at least 3 times a month. I couldn’t get an assistance for my children. It was very stressful. He had other children and they received all the assistance my state offer. He had to pay 24 dollars a week for two children. I went to the military trying to make a better life for my kids and get the the assistance they need to be successful. The man went to the court and put an band on me so I can’t take my kids out of the state. So I got out and went to another appointment at the court house . The judge say that since I make to much money that he have to put my kids on his life insurance plan. Than he told the judge that I can carrying his child. I am married this time. I was like wow. Ask the judge to lift the band so I can take my kids around the world. He cry about missing his kids. So when the judge say no. He got up and move. I try to tell the child support office but he makes to every appointment. So I had to post pictures and get address to show that he move and why I have to stay here. Well now I am divorced and my kids are grown. So I guess I am free to move now.

  36. My kids are both grown with kids. He owns five houses six or seven cars, motorcycle, and a boat! I can’t even buy a house. Child support has ruined my life… And even if he passes away I will still have to pay this money, I can’t live my best life. The courts will let a man give up his rights so he doesn’t have to pay child support. But a women can not…. The system only cares about money and not the kids…..
    My kids are grown with kids and this man doesn’t give any thing to our grown kids or even the grandchildren…

  37. The Child support enforcement agencies have destroyed my life,they have locked me up for non-payments of medical bills the custodial parent had acquired because they couldn’t lock me up for non payment,I’ve been homeless for years attempting to pay arrears in upwards of 60,000 dollars because they would adjust my payments according to my income,I made attempt to go to school to better myself for my children but couldn’t maintain working two jobs,and trying to go to school,at every opportunity they attempt to keep you as close to the poverty level,it’s a rule that’s not written but enforced by each agent and the judicial system in this country! I would love to see this class action lawsuit win on the behalf of the people that are trying but will never get ahead dealing with support enforcement!

  38. I have for years tried on my own to get child support in Texas to listen. I am the mother and the custodial parent (my children are now grown). I still would like to assist in changing the laws here in Texas regardless of my status. I am knowledgeable in the law and understand the ins and outs. I would like to be part of the dream team.

  39. My biological mother had to take my daughter due to my addiction and me giving birth to her In jail. My biological mother being the money hungry woman she is went right to the state and filed for support and all the other free money she could get from the state of Delaware. I spent 5 years in jail and when I got out I was already 10,000 behind in support and had my license taken for lack of payment. My biological mother then moved to New Jersey and while support was running in Delaware she filed in New Jersey so at one point I had two states attacking me for support. I was fresh out of jail with nothing in debt and no license and to top it off my biological mother kept my child from me. I couldn’t start the court process for guardianship bc of the money and the fact that Delaware still has to this day an open guardianship case but in NJ they gave her all the rights to my daughter because she gave false addresses for me and I did not appear in court for guardianship. Mind you it’s against the law to go to a second state when the first state has an open order. Back to child support I had another daughter in 2016 after I was released and the earned income tax money I could of used for her got taken by either NJ or Delaware whomever got to it first so to this day I’ve still never gotten a tax return. I’m a certified nursing assistant and in collage for my associates degree in medical billing and coding and as of today haven’t had contact with my daughter I pay support for. I’ve contacted Delaware and NJ and explained that at one point while I had arrears in Delaware my biological mother filed in NJ and NJ went back as many years as they could as if I wasn’t paying support all that time because NJ wasn’t aware of my support order in Delaware. Long story short they swear they have it straightened out but I know that they do not. The agency doesn’t communicate with each other so like I mentioned I had arrears in DE and my biological mother filed in NJ told them she doesn’t have an open case anywhere so NJ went back as many years as they could and then the states finally caught up with each other but neither state did anything about the few years NJ claimed when I was in fact paying in DE. I’m finally only 3,000 in arrears so this should be the last year they take my other daughters earned income tax money and hopefully in the years to come the earned income tax can be used towards my daughter in my care since it is her money.

  40. I loss everything and I had two jobs the judge told me that I had to do what I had to do. And she said I was a deadbeat from not even knowing me I always pay my child support and Gave extra They told me that was a gift and then I got hit with back child support they took everything from me

  41. I’m definitely on board with this class action law suit against child support. A father shouldn’t have to pay child support especially if he’s in the child’s life an already supporting the child. If fathers want to do extra for their child/children, let it be our choice not by force. Some mothers use this as power an leverage over the father. By the system being so unfair, it can cause severe damage or simply put be hell for a father. On the other hand, some mothers are so spiteful that they turn the child/children against the father even if the father is paying support. To the point the support is irrelevant; moreover, the support is not even used towards the child/children.

  42. Ms. Smith… Ayibobo to you. I have been going back and forth with those agencies since 2018 when i started to learn about the deception. some few folk such as HOTEP the God of Law, Great guy, and numerous other, who have helped me opening my eyes; reasons why I took time to hear your stand against the child support deception going on out there. they don't respond to demands when contacting the agencies. if they do, when requesting their names, titles, and interests in the case (s0 or validation of debt, they sent you a remained balance. .. I am wishing for your safety and be careful of the trolls on your page!! we can file a writ of Habeas corpus, writ of prohibition, writ of mandamus. file into the records. I was labeled a sovereign citizen,

  43. I've been paying child support for a very long time one of my cases the parent custodial parent was getting double check from Social Security and the court knew about it and never did anything about it… it is a very large number and her husband was receiving the money is because she was under his care and he was her legal guardian

  44. My child support is paid, but I am now paying interest to the state of Oklahoma for late payments, this money does not go to my now Grown son.

  45. Hello I have seen you post about child support and I feel I may be included in what you are doing I would like to know more and how to get involved

  46. If you are behind in child support and your daughter's almost 40 with three kids do you still have to pay child support

  47. I recently caught my wife of 7 years (12 yrs total) cheating on a phone call with her ex husband who's currently married. She walked out on me, gave me her wedding ring back, took our 2 kids and went to her mother's house. She never apologized to this day has just found her another place to live. I asked her twice to come back and let's work on our marriage plus I forgave her which is a first for me in this magnitude and she turned me down. She left me with all the bills but I took back the SUV that's in my name that I got for her. The only thing I asked her was let me continue taking our kids to school before I go to work and continue to claim my son and you claim our daughter. She said " they won't be living with you everyday and the only way I can continue to claim my son I have to pay child support. What kind of bs is this? Our daughter is 11 and our son is 9 and I've always got them whatever they needed. She's trying to get back at me because I took back the SUV I got for her because she was paying the note as agreed. She's trying to ruin me financially and possibly making me loose my house. We're headed for divorce but I can't afford an attorney. I don't know what to do. If I get a part time job to help me financially it takes away from my time with my kids. I NEED HELP & ADVICE!!! Mrs. Smith please help.

    Thank you!

  48. Once I learned child support was a private company and not part of the government, and the state I started fighting. They are in contract with each other to screw people over. Child support is not law it is only a policy. And you cannot force anyone to follow a policy. I made a lot of mistakes fighting this child support stuff but I'm still going you live and you learn but I will get free sooner or later.

  49. Hi Ann! I would like to be a part of the class action lawsuit for child support. Please let me know how I can become a part of this

  50. I pay child support over 5 years but now I have another child, when I filled motion to decrease my child support payment the court rejected my motion and child support department also rejected my new borne baby after giving them birth certificate of my child and told if I take any action they will lock me up.

  51. Hello Mrs. Smith. I am 1 who has been railroaded, humiliated, sanctioned, discriminated, lied on etc. At the age of 17 I was placed on child support for a child that was not mine. No DNA test/attempts were made. By the time I was old enough to work and able due to disability, I was in rears up to $80,000.00 with no family or legal assistance/ age28 those arrears were over $100,000.00 along side with twins that are not mine. A DNA test was taken but altered. My wages have always been garnished including my disability. I have no way of getting a payment in to you to join this class action suit until the 3rd but knowing there is someone willing to listen, verbalize and fight for the rights people who have been enslaved and imprisoned is not just an honor or desire. It's also a relief. If I miss out on the opportunity to be justified I am still overjoyed and thankful for you and all that you have done and will do. If there be anymore you'd like to know or have me do please contact me. I pray the Almightys strength be with you always.

  52. Hello my name is Donald Rodriguez and I wanted to connect with you to receive more information on your services in regards to child support and how I can be of support as I am in need of your services.

  53. Child support has been taking 975.00 a month from me for all my children's lives. 2 children by the same parent with two court orders opened by the city and county. Ive been Constantly jailed for both going back and forth while child support kept increasing while incarcerated. I've been working in fastfood restaurants, been on probation, going to college, and have done everything the courts ordered me to do. My son won't even speak to me at all, thinking I'm a dead beat, but I voluntarily placed child support on him because his mother wouldn't allow me to see him. Then she opens up another case. I've been sleeping in cars, abandoned buildings, and living off of 300.00 a month. I've tried lawyers, free programs like father support and nothing has helped me. I've written letters to the courts only to receive letters of disappointment. I'm labeled a felon for none payment and have been held back from multiple jobs, and now child support is garnishing my wife's wages. Don't think I'll ever get any help.

  54. I was for many years taken advantage of by the same system that I had myself apply for to pay hold support by the book and I was treated like a criminal and never wanted to hear my case I lost jobs home lots of money and worse i couldn'tsee my daughters for along time.

  55. I've not seen my children in 7 years. They are almost adults. Even when I was homeless and jobless my child support order required me to pay 500 a month. I have arrears but I'm working now and making a life for myself. Meanwhile my children revile me and refuse to even text me. My rights have been attacked and I can no longer get a hunting license or fishing license. I can't enjoy things that I grew up doing. All because I am little more than a paycheck for the creature I call my ex wife.

  56. Been paying child support since the day my ex-wife decided to leave. As soon as she left she went to mdhs and had me put on child support. I live in Mississippi. She told them I made cash, I took check stubs with me to the dhs office but argued with me and told me they knew I made extra cash. I took it like a man and didn’t argue. The woman told me that anything I do keep a receipt of what I do for my boys and they would adjust it. All of this was back In 2011. Now we are ten years down the road and everything has been a joke. My blood pressure boils cause of dhs. When covid hit and every finical place would let you defer your payments cause of loss of job but mdhs leaves a message out on there web site sayin keep paying no one is here to talk to you. You have a obligation and don’t stop paying. I have fault with them over the years about the 5 fee a month cause they want a employer to pay my child support cause they don’t want me to sit down and write the check they are a bully about that. Lost a job and started applying for jobs when covid hit they are determined whatever applications I put in I owe them the fee every month. I’m not paying the fee they have bullied me before to pay the fee even took it out of tax returns. I do for my two boys even showed the dhs what I do for them and it’s considered a gift is what the woman says. Last time I remember when I’m allowed to tell the boys what are gifts is at Christmas birthdays and other holidays not me being a father and helpin with clothes or sports. They have even took more money out of a check before wrote the check for 385 and they took 388. Really don’t understand how it was possible but they did I was hot about it. They ended up give me a credit of 3 dollars but put the wrong date on a check they will send it back and say they don’t accept post dated checks because I put the wrong date on it. It’s the biggest bully system I have ever faced in my life. Two years after she left I had to watch the boys for four months and provide for them while she was in the hospital to this day I have never seen a penny of that money back even said something to the dhs woman and she said tough luck should had went to court. Got behind cause it was more important to take care of the boys than worry about child support. They do nothing but tear the parents apart and the boys see that it’s more like alimony than child support. It is not right.

  57. Let's do this and over haul the Child Support system
    It is truly not in the best interest of the children,
    I was divorced in 2014, put on child support, and have not seen my children in 7 years we live in the same State but Massachusetts will believe dramatic person rather than the truth.

      1. I would like to join the class action I'm already enrolled in your course and is going threw the process with my second notice….

  58. Even though my children are grown, in their twenties, I am still paying child support.. I am joining this class action just to end this monster’s rule over my life.. I forgive the pain and suffering of my jail experience because of child support..

  59. Child support has been a major problem in my life the last 5 years. They've destroyed my credit where I can't get anything. They extort $223 out my check every week. I've enrolled in your program and I'm going threw the process with my second notice with the child support services in Memphis TN. I'm so ready for this to be over and file a lawsuit to get everything I deserve back and plus for the damages caused against me. I hope one day we all can rejoice and get them for everything they have done to good fathers and mothers that go threw what im going threw!!!!!!!

  60. Good afternoon Miss Ann Smith this is Austin Spain of Chicago once again I would like to sign up for the the class-action lawsuit and share my story with you and others and maybe I can help this as well as you can please contact me at my number 773-305-6040 can contact me at . Austin Spain I would like to sign up for the class action suit against child support I've been on child support 35 straight years and I need to speak with someone about the damage that is caused me and my life and my family so please contact me as soon as possible and then maybe you can give me some guidance or where I can go with this Austin Spain of Chicago

  61. Child support on my credit report child support taking out of my SSI. These white folks have lost their ever loving mind Why if they would take child support off my credit maybe just maybe the support can be paid off .
    If eye knew someone and eye put some bull crap on their credit report and eye knew that if eye took it off and they can pay their support off then eye would take it off then eye would get payed .
    What in the Hell is wrong with them people ???

  62. I was denied seeing and knowing where my daughter was living. Had NO input on how she was raised, schooling or anything in my daughter's life. They take my federal income refund to this day. I was not notified on my due process and never this until today 12/14/2021. My ex took my daughter across state lines without my consent or my permission. Is there anything I can still do?? Hope to hear from you. The place where my child support goes to is in Perry County, Ohio.

  63. I was denied seeing and knowing where my daughter was living. Had NO input on how she was raised, schooling or anything in my daughter's life. They take my federal income refund to this day. I was not notified on my due process and never this until today 12/14/2021. My ex took my daughter across state lines without my consent or my permission. Is there anything I can still do?? Hope to hear from you. The place where my child support goes to is in Perry County, Ohio.

  64. I have been paying child support for my 2 daughter since 1993they have been taking my tax returns and taking money out of my paychecks since 1994. This is the first year I've gotten a tax return .and they still tryna say I owe them. It's ridicolous.but on a totally different case wit my sons father they gave me a couple of payments back in 2009. And claim the rest is owed to the state. For what I don't know cause I was on social security at the time. A supervisor has yet to call me back about this matter.from what I was told yesterday when I called them they had been getting payments since 2006 from my son's father and it was going to the state also I was unaware of this until yesterday 12/14/2021.

  65. I have been paying child support for my 2 daughter since 1993they have been taking my tax returns and taking money out of my paychecks since 1994. This is the first year I've gotten a tax return .and they still tryna say I owe them. It's ridicolous.but on a totally different case wit my sons father they gave me a couple of payments back in 2009. And claim the rest is owed to the state. For what I don't know cause I was on social security at the time. A supervisor has yet to call me back about this matter.from what I was told yesterday when I called them they had been getting payments since 2006 from my son's father and it was going to the state also I was unaware of this until yesterday 12/14/2021.

  66. Please I don't even have a job and they have me paying 313 dollars a month and I have the ability to have my son for a week or more at a time and they won't let me I don't know what to do my son is my world

  67. Hello,
    I really do not have time for someone that wants me to buy your material and you are not my friend. I am spiritual abuse survivor and the church I left gets to supervise my visits with my children. The pastor says that I am spritually dead and walking in darkness to my shared children. I have been too upset to work. The combination of being a spritual abuse survivor and an alienated parent is too much to bear. I have been stalked and my reputation has been ruined. I am white man over 40, they only call me a laborer. I have people who only broadcast and accept donations. we are all in this together. I want to work with children, be a teacher. But when they find out about this, they cancel me. I do have skills, using interactive art as guriella marketing/ maybe we could colaborate?

  68. I'm finding this a bit difficult to sign up for the law suit as well as stopping this monstrous system from stealing everything I have. I only understand so much but know that I have never signed a contract with the head of child support agency and they changed my name to the obligor on the contract to garnish my wages.

  69. The child support system needs to change..

    There needs to be equal rights for both parents, not one sided..

    I'm paying support for 3 children, one of which i never even met, the ex girlfriend at first didn't want anything to do with me.. till recently she wanted a few hundred for daycare but the moment state said a certain higher amount, she kept her self quiet, so now here i am paying support of a child i didn't know was mine till she went on the hunt for money.. there should be a danm law that if the mother keeps the kid from you, she shouldn't be getting support.

    I'm paying support for my two other kids from my ex wife and i can barely do things for them or even afford gas to groceries, because of a greedy ex girlfriend.

    I hope things do change because the last time i checked, fathers are more prone to suicide and things are getting down right hopeless

    My state attorney flat out told me that we don't play debts on the back of our children, i understood that but that wasn't the point, my point is that I'd like to be able to afford to do things with my kids or buy them things that they need..

  70. My name is will William turner I live in Detroit mi my case in crazy. I ve shown the court that my children mom was double dipping from my ssd check for six years and when I showed the court what I found , they told me I would have to sue her and then turn around and said the knew that she was doing it . this has changes my life and come to find out my support check were going to my kids mother husband and she is under his Guardianship .now doesn't that make me the Custodial Parents please make a video about this.

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