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As an International wealth-protection, privacy professional, and legal researcher who advocates for social change, helping you achieve your private wealth management goals is a part of my purpose. From America to countless other countries, Private Wealth Management Secrets is open to students all around the world!.  I truly believe by normalizing generational wealth and access to justice through legal education can change lives within one generation.


I launched Mission Possible University as the ultimate skip button to access wealth and access justice through my easy-to-digest blueprints when you follow up the knowledge with execution. When you're ready to live life more abundantly with absolute freedom from fear of government, police, etc., I encourage you to review the courses in Mission Possible University. 

After completing 45 out of 60 credits in my final year of my doctoral program, two life-changing family tragedies struck -- and sparked a movement.  I was broke and broken and I struggled financially for years but I was determined to rebuild my life from the broken pieces.  While desperate for answers, I ended up getting scammed out of thousands of dollars from self-proclaimed legal "experts" and "gurus". I was  easy prey,  and one scammer told me that I had to pay him “the stupid tax” as he ran off with my $5,000.  It was humiliating and a bit deflating and I felt robbed of my dignity.  The worst part was that I felt like giving up.  Sadly, these unkind personalities use people as a crash test dummy for their unproven and untrustworthy legal theories only to abandon you or worse — get you arrested.  But I held on and pushed past the pain because I really wanted to learn how the law works so I could learn how to help myself and the people I care about.


"My superpower is the ability to reduce 500 page documents down to 1 page blueprints. But I didn't begin studying law because I wanted to become a lawyer or paralegal. It was because I was the victim of a corrupt judge in a family court matter and a corrupt prosecutor in a criminal court case. After I witnessed the bold-faced lies and false evidence in open court, I knew something was terribly wrong with the case, but I didn’t know what to do about it. I found myself feeling completely disgusted with the legal system but I honestly didn’t know where to begin and I often felt lost and confused."

In my search for answers, I found a better way to simplify legal research. After years of trial and error and targeted by many, many scammers who I call "the scalawags", I emerged with learning how to make the law work. As my foundational knowledge grew, all I wanted to do was to help others who were interested in experiencing the same breakthroughs they needed without the years of stress I had endured. I made a vow to go after my dream to impact millions. That's when started a group on Facebook and then launched this website three years later. 


“In one day you can master the generational wealth secrets of the 1%."